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Why use a food thermometer?


Food thermometers are fundamental to maintaining your HACCP plan and ensuring food is prepared and stored at safe temperatures. It should not be a guessing game - even the experienced professionals cannot  tell if food is cooked all the way through - and colour will not tell you everything. Food thermometers are not  just used to check cooked food temperature, but also to gauge oven, fridge and freezer temperatures.

Ideally, a hand-held digital food thermometer should be used when probing foods and checking air temperatures. This may be supplemented by additional “in-place” thermometers, which may be located in refrigerators, chills, cold displays and freezers. Food hermometers should be kept clean at all times.

Probe thermometers should be sanitised/disinfected before/after each use in order to comply with food safety regulations. Under no circumstances should a mercury in glass thermometer be used as it would present a contamination risk if it breaks. It is important that you regularly check that the probe thermometer in use is working correctly.

Rototherm has recently acquired Digitron enhancing its temperature and pressure product portfolio to the Food & Beverage for catering purposes, HVAC  and cold chain logistics industries.

If your process requires temperature monitoring, Rotothem can offer the perfect solution. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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