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Process Monitoring for the Distilling Industry (2)


Our VesselCheck ST2 is the perfect solution for measuring the most important tank levels within any distillery.

Its non-invasive technology means that there is no breakage into the tank, avoiding any stoppages to the daily running of the distillery and a number of health and safety risks incurred when breaking into a high strength spirit tank.

The VesselCheck is a high accuracy system comprising of two sensors bonded to the bottom and side of the tank.

Together they can accurately give a constant measurement of the spirit, compensating for change in ABV % and temperature.

The level can be displayed as a % volume on a local display processor and is capable of outputting a signal to an internal computers system, where the level can also be shown.

It is designed specifically for this process and proven in hundreds of distillery sites worldwide.

Industrial Bimetallic Thermometer

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