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Process Monitoring for the Distilling Industry (1)


Our DensiCheck Tx is used as an inline instrument to assist distilleries in the still cut control and alcohol concentration monitoring.

Its highly competitive price, together with its robust built, durability and high quality, makes it a market leading product within the Scotch Whiskey production.

The ATEX approved instrument is located inline downstream of the condenser,and it calculates spirit and feints alcohol % as it runs into the safe. This ensures that the distillery’s own cut points can be monitored and even controlled by the DensiCheck, achieving a more efficient process with every distillation and allowing to organise the operator’s time effectively, having confidence the spirit and feints collection is monitored and controlled accurately. 

The DensiCheck is well proven at many high demand distillery sites for this application and has become a very reliable and supportable instrument.

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