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Process Monitoring for the Brewing Industry (2)


Our VesselCheck ST2 is a great solution for accurately measuring the critical levels in stainless steel and glass lined storage tanks on site.

Level measurement gets to its most critical point at this stage and our sensor enables you to accurately measure the level in Bright Beer tanks, and other storage vessels with no interruption to day to day processes.

Its non-invasive technology means the sensors are bonded to the outside of the tank, without any breakage to the tank; therefore no downtime and no health and safety risks are incurred during installation or commissioning.

The system has a local level display of % volume of the tank, and can also output to an internal computer system.

The sensors have the capability to give a high accuracy level reading to +/- 2mm or better, where different products and temperatures are easily compensated, so accuracy doesn’t slip.

It is designed specifically for this process, and proven in hundreds of brewery sites worldwide.

Industrial Bimetallic Thermometer

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