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How do industrial bimetallic thermometers operate?


Industrial bimetallic thermometers are dial type temperature indicators activated by a bimetallic strip

Bimetallic strips work on the principle of differential thermal expansion. Two materials are cold bonded together to form a single thin strip of material, which is then wound into a coil. The materials used to manufacture the bimetallic strip are selected to have different co-efficient of expansion.

As heat is applied to the bimetallic coil - by the process - the two component materials will expand at different rates. This differential expansion will produce a deflection in the compound material. As this is wound into a coil, the deflection turns into a rotational movement.

The rotational movement produced by the heated coil is transferred, via a bearing supported shaft, to a pointer which in turn moves around a dial which is calibrated to indicate the temperature at the coil.

Industrial bimetallic thermometers are powered by the heat in the process and do not require any external power source making these instruments extremely cost efficient and very long lived. 

Rototherm has been manufacturing industrial bimetallic thermometers since 1920. We are experts in temperature measurement and offer the best UK quality.

If your process requires temperature monitoring, Rotothem can offer the perfect solution. 

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 Industrial Bimetallic Thermometer


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